As of 02/01/2023 Leroy Manor has 1 staff member and no residents that are positive for COVID. Visitation remains the same.  All visitors will continue to enter through the front entrance and go to the kiosk which is located in the front lobby. This will allow you to check in, answer health questions and take your temperature. It will also allow you to select who you are visiting and print you a badge. Any questions, please see the Case Manager. 


Assisted Living Facility in Buffalo, NY 

When choosing a type of senior care, you want to be sure you decide on a level of care and assistance that is appropriate for your loved one. Assisted Living Programs (ALP) in New York State are specially licensed to help those who are progressing through the aging cycle stay in a facility of their choosing - here, it's Mary Agnes Manor. This important program keeps residents safely supported while benefiting the overall community by not prematurely discharging to a more expensive nursing home setting. This program offers important benefits for those who qualify (via assessments, physicians' orders, and interviews). This is a Medicaid program with no additional cost to the resident.

Buffalo, NY Assisted Living Home
Buffalo, NY Assisted Living Facility


About Mary Agnes Manor 

Mary Agnes Manor is located in the heart of Erie County, and our assisted living facility offers a beautiful view of both Lake Erie and Downtown Buffalo. Residents at Mary Agnes Manor will enjoy living walking distance to a number of stores, parks, as well as the Niagara Branch Public Library. Residents can also partake in many of our popular group activities while living with us. And because of our proximity to their campus, we offer the ability for interested residents to take classes at D'Youville College. We even have an ice cream parlor right on site! We want your loved one to be as comfortable as possible while they're under our care and aging in place. 

Our Assisted Living Home Program 

At Mary Agnes Manor, we offer a number of benefits to to those who are enrolled in our assisted living home program. 

  • The Director of Patient Services is a Registered Nurse (RN).
  • There is a full range of nursing support for residents (RN and LPN)
  • Affordable and private rooms, with individual bathrooms. 
  • Case Manager support is available. 
  • Individual Service Plans (ISP's) are available, to create an environment of preventative and supportive care, ensuring the longest and safest stay.
  • Home Health Aides (HHA's/PCA's) can provide supportive care consistent with their care matrix and comprehensive training.
  • Fully integrated emergency call bell system.
  • Fully-sprinklered fire emergency systems with multiple sprinkler heads in every room.

At Mary Agnes Manor's assisted living home, you don't have to worry about the level of care your elderly loved on is being given. We'll treat them like family, and we'll do our best to make them feel right at home. Contact us today to get the process started.


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