We would like to notify all residents, family, and staff that Leroy Manor does have one (1) new positive staff member and two (3) positive residents as of today 1/21/2022. We have been in contact with Genesee County and the Regional DOH office. We are pausing all visitation for the next 10-14 days however if you would like to schedule a compassionate care visit, please call our Case Manager Sheila at (585)768-6291 Ext. 1111 to set one up. We will finish calling everyone individually over the next 24 hours. We will continue to do our very best in taking every precaution we can to keep everyone safe.

Memory and Dementia Care Facility in Buffalo, NY

When the decision is made to place an elderly loved one into a memory or dementia care program, you certainly want to be sure they'll be receiving the best possible standard of care. Mary Agnes Manor is proud to provide comprehensive specialized care for those with Alzheimer's, dementia, and other forms of memory disorders. Our Special Needs Assisted Living Residence (SNALR) is one of the longest running and most highly regarded units in the Western New York area. 

Memory Care Facility Buffalo NY
Dementia Care Home Buffalo NY

Our Memory Care Program

Established in 1998, our CARE units have provided a secured environment with supportive therapeutic activities to those afflicted with Alzheimer's or other types of memory impairments. Everything from the calming decor to the additional training provided in the areas of re-direction and behavior management have been analyzed over the years to help provide a stable and comfortable environment. We offer both individual and group sensory programs for residents in our memory care program, Validation Therapy for a more holistic approach to treating memory disorders, and all instructed by our Alzheimer's certified staff. Our on-site designated activities professional works to create exciting new programs and activities for residents, and the doors to our facility are always secured. 

About Mary Agnes Manor

Mary Agnes Manor is located right in the heart of Downtown Buffalo. We have four floors and a great view of beautiful Lake Erie, and are able to provide care for up to 96 residents. We're located just steps from many stores, parks, and even a library. We throw holiday parties, and we even have fundraising food and bake sales. We do our very best to make your loved one feel as at home as possible while they're staying with us in our dementia care program. 

If you'd like more information, or are ready to start the enrollment process of your loved one into memory care, contact us today. 


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