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Ransomville Manor

3509 Ransomville Road
Ransomville, NY 14131
Fax: 716-791-3275


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Mary Agnes Manor ALR/SNALR
Mary Agnes Manor ALP
Mary Agnes Manor LHCSA

307 Porter Avenue Buffalo, NY 14201
Phone: 716-881-0565
Fax : 716-881-0582

Leroy Manor Adult Home

Leroy Manor ALP

Leroy Manor LHCSA

8678 Lake Street Road Leroy, NY 14482
Phone: 585-768-6291
Fax : 585-768-6293

Ransomville Manor Adult Home
Ransomville Manor ALP
Heritage of Ransomville Manor LHCSA

3509 Ransomville Road Ransomville, NY 14131
Phone : 716-791-4211
Fax : 716-791-3275