As of 02/01/2023 Leroy Manor has 1 staff member and no residents that are positive for COVID. Visitation remains the same.  All visitors will continue to enter through the front entrance and go to the kiosk which is located in the front lobby. This will allow you to check in, answer health questions and take your temperature. It will also allow you to select who you are visiting and print you a badge. Any questions, please see the Case Manager. 



Mary Agnes Manor

NO VISITATION AT THIS TIME.  This website will be updated when visitation resumes.

For more information about Mary Agnes Manor's COVID-19 Visitation Plan click here.


Leroy Manor

We would like to notify all residents, family, and staff that Leroy Manor does not have any positive residents or staff as of today 11/8/2022.  We are open for visitation. It is recommended that you call ahead to schedule a visit with Julie at (585)768-6291 Ext. 1109. 

All visitors will still be required to enter through the main entrance at the front of the building and check-in at the Accushield Kiosk. Masks must be worn when entering the building at all times.

For more information about Leroy Manor's COVID-19 Visitation Plan click here.

Ransomville Manor

NO VISITATION AT THIS TIME. This website will updated when visitation resumes.

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Mary Agnes Manor ALP
Mary Agnes Manor LHCSA

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Leroy Manor Adult Home

Leroy Manor ALP

Leroy Manor LHCSA

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Ransomville Manor Adult Home
Ransomville Manor ALP
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