As of 12/23/2022 Leroy Manor has no staff members and no residents that are positive for COVID. Visitation remains the same.  All visitors will continue to enter through the front entrance and go to the kiosk which is located in the front lobby. This will allow you to check in, answer health questions and take your temperature. It will also allow you to select who you are visiting and print you a badge. Any questions, please see the Case Manager. 


Leroy Manor in Leroy, NY


Leroy Manor is an adult care facility which strives to enhance the quality of life for our residents by providing a nurturing, supportive, and active environment which fosters independence yet offers assistance when needed. Located conveniently to the NYS Thruway and Main Street in Leroy, it offers both a peaceful setting and access to community events and shopping.   We have been approved for the first ALP program, needs-based Medicaid supportive care.

We have highly dedicated professionals who are compassionate and detail-oriented. The core team of Administrator, Case Manager, and Resident Services Director supervise our residents daily to ensure that each person receives individualized care.

Our home provides access to multiple health care professionals (Physicians, NP's, RN's, Social Workers) who stop by on a weekly basis. Veterans receive on-site visits and upgraded amenities. Mental health services are provided both on and off-site. Communication is a key component to best meet resident needs, which Leroy Manor facilitates.

The twenty-acre campus offers areas of quiet reflection and well-groomed walking path. Our diverse activities are designed with input from the residents themselves highlighting special interests and hobbies. Leroy Manor is here to provide resident-centered care in a relaxing setting for our residents.

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Leroy Manor in Leroy, NY

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