We would like to notify all residents, family, and staff that Leroy Manor does have one (1) new positive staff member and two (3) positive residents as of today 1/21/2022. We have been in contact with Genesee County and the Regional DOH office. We are pausing all visitation for the next 10-14 days however if you would like to schedule a compassionate care visit, please call our Case Manager Sheila at (585)768-6291 Ext. 1111 to set one up. We will finish calling everyone individually over the next 24 hours. We will continue to do our very best in taking every precaution we can to keep everyone safe.

Veteran Programs

We proudly accept our nations Veterans. In this we specialize in making sure our Veterans get a wide range of their benefits including VA pensions and compensations. We also support the spouses and widows of our Vets. Sadly, many Vets are unaware of supportive benefits that can help provide housing and support.

We can create unique living environments; many Vets have picked private rooms due to the supportive funds of VA pensions and VA compensations. The Home maintains close relationships with agencies that provide peer mentoring, such as Vet to Vet. We have over fifty Veterans we are proud to serve.

If you'd like more information, or are ready to start the enrollment process of your loved one into one our facility, contact us today. 716-881-0565

Contact Mary Agnes Manor


Contact Mary Agnes Manor

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